Pan Challenge: Naked Basics

So at the the start of the year, I decided to use the Naked Basics as my first “pan” challenge. It took a lot longer than I assumed it would, simply because of a major bout of depression and a couple of MS flares that decided to wreak havoc on my life, and I ended up not wearing makeup often.


Yesterday, I was throwing on a quick face, and finally – FINALLY – hit pan on Virgin, and I’m calling the challenge dunzo! Started from the bottom:


This is where I ended up:


What I learned about this palette while I was doing this challenge is that I really REALLY love Walk of Shame as a transitional shade (so if anyone has any dupes, indie preferred, quality MS suggestions begrudgingly accepted!! =D ), Foxy is another nice transitional shade for metallic, and while Venus was my first highlighter shade, I’ve moved past it to the point that it was really hard to work it into my day.

Now you might be saying “But, obviously this isn’t a completed challenge – crave and faint are still there!” and you would be right – except I’m done. I HATE faint. It’s chalky, and suuuuuuper dark, even for a dark brown. The time I spent blending and blending to get it to look dark but not Rocky Horror Picture Show dark was too much for what this palette was purchased for – something quick and easy to use when I needed a quick look. Also, I realized that I bought this about two months before I met my husband – my first UD palette, actually – which is now four years ago so I think that it’s okay to say goodbye.

While Crave was a nice matte black, it also was powdery and chalky – even at the start – and I never really used it. Even when I was trying to work it in during this challenge. I’d get so frustrated and have to wipe off my makeup. I ended up using it for a powder eyeliner look – smudged out and lightly applied, it works okay – so I *might* depot it into a Z palette, but I’m not holding my breath. I have a few other matte blacks in my collection, so it’ll be something I’ll think about towards the end of the year.

Mathwise – I used 67% of the shadows in this palette down to pan. I think that it’s okay (for MY purposes) to keep that ratio going into my next pan challenge. I believe that a 70 – 80% pan hit is okay, especially since the point of this (for me) is to use what I have, and keep it creative. But I’m also an adult and I don’t have to use Crave if I don’t want to!!!

I was going through my palettes and since it’s summer, and I don’t really use a lot of makeup, I’m going to focus on another small palette. It’s sort of cheating, because it’s along the same color family as this basics palette, but I really enjoy these colors for a basic look! It’s also an easy palette to add color or sparkle to, and on a sentimental note, it’s the very first gift my husband gave me:


Guys. I LOVE this palette, but I held on to it because I didn’t want to hurt it or use it up. But now is the time. I’ll put together some swatches and info about this palette for a post later next week. For now, thanks for reading!

How are your pan challenges going so far? Certainly no worse than mine!!! =D Anyone working through that backstocked stash? Do you happen to know a good way to use Faint? Have a nice weekend!!!




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