UD: Pulp Fiction (Pan Challenge)

As mentioned, I decided to go with the Pulp Fiction palette that my husband gave me for my second pan challenge. As I was getting some swatches together, I realized that there was a good reason for me liking this palette – it’s pretty much the same as the basics!

Take a look at these swatches:

PulpFiction Swatch

There is no primer on these swatches, and I used the same brush. With the exception of Tyranny (which I believe can be duped with bittersweet in the naked ultimate basics palette), all of these colors correspond with a basics shade.

Faint is a matte version of vengeance, and I apologize for the poor quality of that swatch. Trust me though, it’s damn near the same.

Righteous is much creamier and a hair lighter than W.O.S., which is good news as I was sad about losing WOS.

The colors in this palette are slightly warmer than the basics palette but man oh man, it’s such a small difference that even on my pale-ass skin, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

I will say that I enjoyed this palette when I wore it a few times, and even “recreated” Mrs. Mia Wallace’s look per the included look guide a few times. I think that the addition of tyranny is what really made this a nice palette for me, and I enjoy the shimmer in Vengeance.

Here’s where the palette is starting at for the pan challenge:


The included amounts are 1.8 grams in each pan, which is .5 grams more than in the basics palette. Anger arrived with a huge gash in it, but otherwise, the palette hasn’t been touched too often. The shadows still have a lot of staying power, even though the palette came out in July of 2014.

Let’s see how long this one takes me to pan!



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