Another Day, Another J* Story

So, first and foremost, I know that a lot of people that I follow and those that follow me are fans of his products. I get that. I too have yearned for his liquid lipstick until I started finding dupes by other manufacturers.

The thing is, how many mornings do we need to wake up to another report of his shitty behavior before we stop rewarding him and his non-apologies?

Since the days of Myspace gone by (oh gosh, so embarrassing to go back to), J* has been an absolute train wreck of a human. I fully admit that I followed him, being only 2 years older than him. Then I realized, I’m supporting a guy who thrives on tearing people down. I lost track after my personal Facebook exodus, and then saw that he was launching a makeup line. The products were extremely interesting to me as they fit my aesthetic, but I never made the purchase as whenever I would, they would be sold out.

I’ve gotten to use a few of his products here and there through my burly pals sharing, but the quality has never really made me drop everything – it’s comparable to my favorite brands.

And the thing is, even with his newfound enterprise, reports still came out about his behavior. I decided a few years ago that I personally wouldn’t buy anything of his. I can’t support a monster.

That’s my personal decision, based on my research and knowledge. I viewed it like I could very easily put my money behind people I want to support, and I also know that if there was evidence that Star would actually change, I wouldn’t have a problem supporting him in the future (see me and my relationship with KvD cosmetics). I don’t go to different posts maligning him, as I felt for the longest time that people can make the decision for themselves, and I also hate pushing my views onto others.

But then I had a long conversation with one of my friends two (three?) Jeffree Vs Blackyoutubers rounds ago, and I’ve come to the realization that in my position as a white woman, it’s not enough to personally not support a racist misogynist, but I need to start speaking out about it.

I don’t understand why this is so controversial in the world of makeup. MUA on reddit has countless threads regarding J*, his behavior, and why/why not to support. Whenever a blogger or vlogger posts something negative about him, his supporters come out of the woodwork to troll them. Those that don’t participate in those actions, but rather passively support him by purchasing, reviewing and promoting his products are just as bad – or even worse because of their apathy.

Seriously, there are people who avoid brands because a subsidiary of a subsidiary has a separate production company in China so they might have some sort of cruelty issues unrelated to the product at hand – but they purchase every damn thing J* (cruelty incarnate) puts his name on.

And I don’t get how people can STILL do this.

The arguments always end up being something like “He’s just a kid/he was just a kid” or “But this makeup artist did something bad”, “he was bullied as a kid so he was triggered” or “he’s apologized, let it go.”

And we know those arguments are pretty pathetic, but we still say them.

My POV is this: He’s NOT a kid. He’s a 31 year old man – 2 years younger than me. If I went on a racist tirade in my early 20’s, video taped it, and then uploaded it to myspace for other people to laugh at, I would have lost my job. I would have lost everything. Because we expect 22 year old adults to not be racist.

If I did do something like that, and apologized it, but kept proving that I was racist by going in on WOC who happened to not like my product, I would lose my job. I would lose everything. I’d have my information plastered all over tumblr and people would incessantly call me out until I had nothing left.

I was tortured as a kid. I know those wounds can carry over into adulthood. I also know the benefit of therapy in dealing with those issues, and I also know that just because I had a shitty childhood, it doesn’t mean that I am allowed to abuse people as an adult.

An apology has to have meaning behind it, and then it has to carry over. It doesn’t matter that he apologized (again) or promised to do better if he doesn’t do a damn thing to change his behavior.

Come on people, we can do better. We need to support our brothers and sisters with our dollars and ability to say things without having our financial background pulled into the conversation. It’s time to say enough is enough.

Jeffree Star is a bully, a racist, and a misogynist (and yes, you can be LGBTQIA and still be these things). STOP supporting him. Stop reviewing his products. If you have to purchase it, do it secondhand in a swap to stop giving him money. Support those who he goes in on for simply having a differing opinion. And stop enabling this behavior from a spoiled man with a peter pan complex.


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