Ulta Birthday Reward: NYX Happy Birthday Eyeshadow Palette

First, I’m sorry to those who didn’t get this quarter’s gift from Ulta. If it makes you feel better, last year’s UD shadow was AWFUL.

This quarter’s Ulta gift is a 10-pan NYX eyeshadow palette. There is no name for the palette nor the colors, so I’m just calling it the Happy Birthday Palette.

I’ve never used any NYX colors before, so it was nice to try it out. When I swatched, I didn’t use any primer and I used my fingers, so please note that. Also, even though I tried several times with different types of lighting, some washed out against my skin color. Also, the metallics simply don’t hold up under photo and those are what makes this palette gorgeous, IMO.

IMG_1588As you can see, there’s some patchiness in the orange matte shades, and the neutral is, well, neutral against my skin – I promise there’s a swatch in that middle picture!

I wore a couple of looks with this palette over the past week and was happy. As I said, the metaliics make this palette completely awesome. my favorite are the copper and metalic burgandy shades and that gorgeous green-bronze shift shade in the third picture. While I’ve seen it photograph as a silver, I didn’t get that on me. The green popped really nicely.

When they rang this at Ulta, they said the retail value was $18.00. It says that the net weight across all ten pans is .04 oz when a full size shadow is .06 oz and retails for $4.49, so you end up with 6 and 2/3rds shadows for the cost of a little less than 3  if you were to be able to purchase this.

I wore them with UD’s potion primer and they lasted for about six – eight hours until they started fading, and I have oily skin and live in high humidity areas. The metallics lasted a lot longer than the matte shades, although once the color faded, there was still shimmer which was an interesting look. There wasn’t a lot of oxidation or color changing that I could tell, and while it took some blending on the matte shades to get them to look how I wanted, it wasn’t anything that would stop me from buying the brand.

For those of you wanting it, there are some available on ebay averaging ten bucks. It’s a great way to try out some of the shadows that I’ve seen being praised and for free, I don’t have any regrets.

For those of you who have picked it up, what are your thoughts?



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