Birthday Haul

So I'm not sure how you feel about haul posts but I love them. That's what this post is so feel free to skip over if you aren't in the mood!

My husband is an awesome guy and keeps track of my wish lists. He also knows that I've been keeping with that low-buy this year and loves supporting my hobby. Don't get it wrong, I support his as well – he loves video games and tech. We also don't go in really big on holidays with each other because of the kids but our birthdays we treat as a big deal. Regardless, this was unexpected!

Some of these items I got from selling my old stuff, a couple are rewards program gifts, and then the rest are from husband.

From the Viking:
Modern Renaissance and Subculture palettes from ABH. I have had MR on my want list since it launched but never quite jumped in since I was uncertain about the coloring. He went ahead and took care of that for me😄

Moonchild glow kit from ABH

Dark side liner and Gold liner from ABH.

I asked him why ABH and he said that he knows it's a brand I've wanted to try so he would get me started.

Everything Now night version by Arcade Fire. I also got Music for Heart and Breath by Richard Reed Parry.

Lolita blush and eyeliner

I picked out the UD stuff using destash cash: afterglow blush in Bittersweet and Quiver, Deslick primer, All-nighter foundation, 24-7 liner in a silver and copper colors and a replacement for my Meltdown.

Also from destashing, I ended up with the Auroa Glowkit, the Beauty Killer palette, and Candlelight Glow by TooFaced.

Birthday Promos this year were had from Ulta (Nyx palette), Sephora (Tarte blush and liquid lipstick) and UD (full-size Afterglow highlighter in Sin.

Also I got the spirit board pillowcases from killstar and the mini planchette pillow from Killin Me Softly Co. (gift from a friend who knows I'm trying to goth up our room and have a weakness for all things Ouija).

I'm such a happy camper guys. I hope your birthdays are full of awesomeness this year and you get at least one thing your heart desires! Stay tuned for reviews and looks and thoughts coming up in the next few weeks!!


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