Zombie Defense Palette – Lunatick Cosmetic Labs (review)

I’m going to come right out and say that I am extremely disappointed in this palette. Like, seriously disappointed. I absolutely adore their mattifying powder (and still feel its one of the best I’ve ever used) and the Lip slicks are awesome, and comparable to OCC.

This palette though. Ugh.


I did the swatches and was a little disappointed by the pigmentation of the colors, but wrote it off because I didn’t use a base and figured I could go ahead and make it work. You can see where they don’t start off too badly. After all, we’ve all done swatches where we weren’t super satisfied but once we got into the palette it’s worked well. I’ve seen tons of insta looks where people have used the colors in here and they’ve looked really nice as well.

Should have gone with my gut.

I’m not sure if it’s because this was a pre-made, but all the shadows in here were super hard and dry. No matter the type of brush that I used, synthetic or natural, it was difficult to pick enough color up for an easy application. Then, when I got it on the eye, it skipped areas and application was awful.

And the fallout guys.

Look at this (and please excuse my greaseball face):

Even after taking the tape off (I totally cheat) you can see the very definite fallout that gathered on my cheeks and nose. I couldn’t get it off with a brush – I had to wash my face in order to start from scratch. It was so bad I couldn’t even finish up the look I was trying to do.

Also – that black is supposed to have glitter, and it does in the pan. But all of it fell off during application, no matter how gentle of a hand I used, and even using a damp brush couldn’t keep a transfer.

It’s such a shame because like I said, I enjoy their products, but I simply can’t find positives about the eyeshadow. Yes, the palette is amazing looking (coffin shaped, bat cut-out in the mirror, cute internal graphics, ouija inspired motif on the external). It appeals to my gothic side and I love it. But for $35.00 for five shadows (1.5g each, which is the same size as their singles listed at $9 each), I think you need to have a little more quality in there.

For me, this was a huge miss, and I won’t be purchasing any of their shadows in the future.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know – I’d love to know if you have any tips on how to make this palette work as the colors are unique and I’m always up for learning.





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