January 2018 ANTIHAUL

Woo! In the midst of reflecting on all the crap I’m not going to use anymore, I also realized that it was now February, which is a good time to do the Anti-haul. I LOVE these, and I think they are great for a lot of people. I enjoy seeing the thoughts of others and it helps me not get swept into the hype of something I’m never going to use. For instance, our first stop:

Kristen Leanne – Kaleidoscope Dream (Retail $39.00)


This one I struggled with. I almost bought it a few times. Like, really put the damn thing in my cart. (That free UD Shipping with no minimum is a siren call) Multiple times. Then I was like “Al, maybe watch a tutorial or read some reviews”. And I did. In the comments of one of the reviews or tutorials was something that sort of cemented it for me, which was “TBH, UD has these colors in every palette they put out” – and I was like, hmmm. So I figured out what it REALLY was that I wanted, which was the blues and purples, and pulled out my full spectrum and the other color one, and did some investigating, and while I’m not sure they are 100% dupes, they are, in fact there. I’m not interested in the duo-chrome, and the mustard yellow isn’t that attractive to me. So thank you, commentor. Also, it helped that UD sent an email yesterday telling me that it was “ALMOST GONE FOREVER” – which cemented my resolve to not break on my LE ban. Maybe I’ll swap for it later, but for now, nah.

Tarte- Shape Tape, Foundation, Really anything. And along this line, IT Cosmetics. Oh, and Stila (but for the racial slur).

This has been done to death, so I’m not gonna rehash anything you’ve seen/read/heard over the past month. From my perspective, this is because it’s just bullshit at this point. These ranges come out in parts of the world where there are a wide range of skin colors, and it’s about time we treat women and men of color with the same consideration in product availability as we do us. And I say this from a pretty easy fair-neutral-light beige world. I’ve not had to struggle for a skin tone match for about 12 years. I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to stand out there, holding your 40 bucks, begging someone to take it from you, and being told it’s just not good enough.

Also, it’s not acceptable to name your damn colors a racial slur, no matter how many insta goddesses and tumblr’s use it to describe their ~*~AESTHETIC~*~. G-d, why doesn’t anyone google these things? How can you not know in this day and age how problematic words or actions are? Too little, too late in terms of PR goodwill. It’s just unacceptable. And that’s why I switched up my daily go-to CC. We can’t continue to allow our dollars to go to these companies because when we do, we are being just as excluding and bigoted as they are. And I’m serious about this, you guys. The hardest thing to admit is when our behavior is harmful or hateful, even if unintentionally, but we need to do better. We need to, otherwise, we’re promoting white woman feminism and that’s not equality.

Too Faced White Peach Palette Retail $45.00


Guys, am I the only one out there that is not into the peach line? I really feel like I am. And I know I’m older than the target demo, so I’m not really talking about the scent or packaging (which regardless of quality, usually are absolutely darling), but it’s really more of the same, but in different finishes? It’s sort of like what UD did with the naked line – like, oh shit, this got us TONS of money, let’s capitalize?

So the reason I’m not into this one is because I personally feel that it’s the same thing I’ve seen time and again from other lines – or in their already existing palettes. Sure, there’s a pretty purpley-blue color in there, but I have a dupe of that, pretty certain if not damn close, in a colourpop single.  It’s gorgeous – it’s a more mature look than the previous iterations while still maintaining a kitschy feel. But the product itself? Nah. I’ve been burned too many times by TF formulation in the past and just am not excited by it. Maybe a swap? I dunno.

Black Moon Cosmetics Orb of Light Palette Retail $60.00

orb of light

For a few months, Black Moon Cosmetics has been hyping this on their Instagram, and as a gothic leaning person, I’ve been intrigued. I’ve loved their colors and their unique take on trends, so I’ve been watching. Except I started watching really closely when they asked at the start of December “What colors would you like to see in this all matte palette”, and – well, the comments were pretty universally along the lines of “Greyscale/rainbow/shimmers/ANYTHING BUT ORANGE/purples/cool-tones”.

So of course they stopped talking about it until official release. And then they dropped yet ANOTHER orange/brown/red/warm toned palette.

Don’t get me wrong – the packaging is damn gorgeous. It’s got a beautiful Victorian/modern Gothic vibe to it, and if I were collecting, I might just buy it because I love the packaging, the layout, the font, the holographic ink… ugh. And I am totally in love with that mustard yellow. The beige looks like something I’d use, but then I compare it to my collections, and I just don’t have enough missing spaces for it. And then I kick myself because I’m trying to talk myself in to talking myself in on purchasing this when it’s THE SAME DAMN THING I’VE SEEN. Just really pretty. I would buy this, and then it would sit in my vanity. And that would be that.

Anyway, those are the four things that I felt were super hyped but also just not cutting it this month for me. Obligatory “Not judging you if you bought these products, these are my opinions”

Unless you try to justify the exclusivity or racial slur usage. Then yea, I’m totally judging you, Carol.



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