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Pan Challenge: Naked Basics

So at the the start of the year, I decided to use the Naked Basics as my first "pan" challenge. It took a lot longer than I assumed it would, simply because of a major bout of depression and a... Continue Reading →

Disillusioned with the Mainstream

With the Naked Heat announcement from Urban Decay, the "Limited Edition" hype that so many of the big names seem to be going with, and the rising costs with lower quality, I'm getting pretty annoyed - and over - mainstream... Continue Reading →

The Goth Mom Tag

So, over on youtube, a lot of the people I subscribe to are doing a "Goth Mom" challenge. I don't do a lot of vlogging, and when I do, I always end up deleting the video for whatever insecure reason,... Continue Reading →

Buxom White Russian on the Rocks Palette – Review

I just want to start this out by saying I am soooo disappointed in this. When I purchased it, I thought the colors would be more pink and rose than I got. I'm not going to blame that for my... Continue Reading →

Dark Angels by LUSH

One of the empties that I had at the start of the year was my face cleaner, which I needed to replace. However, I was still annoyed at Boscia for the way this was packaged and the wasted product that... Continue Reading →

Boho Dream catchers

Further in my quest to personalize our room after our move, I decided that something that I wanted to do was a feature made up of beautiful dream catchers. I definitely lean towards a hippie goth style, so for me,... Continue Reading →

DIY Gothy Candle Holders

So, in an effort to start making my home feel like a home, I've started doing some different DIY type projects that are allowing me to decorate like I want. I LOVE candles. I have burned candles for a very... Continue Reading →

January Empties

So I'm about ten days behind, but that is what happens sometimes. The good news is that I've stuck to my goals of trying to use up things that I have before I get stuff I don't. I don't have... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Glambot

So, Glambot is a site where you can buy and sell gently used makeup. This isn't anything new - forums have been around for ages to do this. I saw an add on Facebook for a palette at an unbelievable... Continue Reading →

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