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Ulta Birthday Reward: NYX Happy Birthday Eyeshadow Palette

First, I'm sorry to those who didn't get this quarter's gift from Ulta. If it makes you feel better, last year's UD shadow was AWFUL. This quarter's Ulta gift is a 10-pan NYX eyeshadow palette. There is no name for... Continue Reading →


PR 101

Last week, for my birthday, my husband did an amazing thing: He got me a crap ton of makeup that I had on my wishlist but had never really purchased. Five of the things were from Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH)... Continue Reading →

Another Day, Another J* Story

So, first and foremost, I know that a lot of people that I follow and those that follow me are fans of his products. I get that. I too have yearned for his liquid lipstick until I started finding dupes... Continue Reading →

Portland Black Lipstick Company

A friend of mine moved to Portland for a few years,  and being part of the burlesque scene, she was introduced to this brand. She recommended it to me about a year ago, and I only just got around to... Continue Reading →

Fierce Magenta Mineral Eye Shadow (Swatch and Look)!

I came across Fierce Magenta on Etsy and fell in love with her lipstick shades but ended up purchasing four eyeshadows. I'm a novice when it comes to mineral shadows but as I move more into indie world, I'm finding... Continue Reading →

Stop Telling People to Stop Taking Meds

I have a problem when articles are published, there’s always people who write in the comments about how they stopped taking medication for whatever reason, against doctor’s orders. Inevitably, these people end their stories with how everything turned out fine... Continue Reading →

UD: Pulp Fiction (Pan Challenge)

As mentioned, I decided to go with the Pulp Fiction palette that my husband gave me for my second pan challenge. As I was getting some swatches together, I realized that there was a good reason for me liking this... Continue Reading →

A personal update

maybe, someone out there might be going through this and it's nice to know that we're not alone when we're facing this monster

Pan Challenge: Naked Basics

So at the the start of the year, I decided to use the Naked Basics as my first "pan" challenge. It took a lot longer than I assumed it would, simply because of a major bout of depression and a... Continue Reading →

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